How to stuff a Kong!

A national sport? A creative art? The ability to make a small pyramid of rubber absolutely irresistible could save your furniture!

There have got to be 101 things a dog can't be doing if he's chewing a Kong – digging in your garden, barking at the neighbour's cat, chewing your new three piece suite. They're marvellous for bored dogs, frustrated dogs and dogs that need distracting while they're home alone. The problem can be how to convince your dog it's more exciting to chew a lump of rubber than the carpet.

The question is, would you go to work next week if you thought you weren't going to get paid? Not many of us would. But if there was a promise of several thousand pounds for one week at work, chances are you'd be in the office early on Monday morning. The same principle applies to your dog. You have to make the Kong absolutely irresistible by loading it up with the doggie equivalent of a jackpot win. Here's how.

  1. Pick some food your dog really likes. It's no good using pieces of cream cracker if he's not keen on them.
  2. Shove tons of really smelly, sticky yummy food bits right into the point of the Kong. Cheese is wonderful for this as it moulds to the shape of the toy and is smelly. Other suggestions include peanut butter and meat paste – I suppose it depends on the colour of your carpet! Use a teaspoon to get it right to the end.
  3. Next come bits that your dog will have to work at to get out. Ordinary dog biscuits are ideal because they get crunched up and then fall out of the hole straight into your dog's mouth. Ones that come in different shapes are great because as the dog plays with the Kong he may suddenly get rewarded by a whole biscuit falling out if he has bounced it along the ground a few times. I have found some fish and potato ones which fit perfectly and have health benefits too. Wedge these in and stick them to the cheese at the bottom, if using.
  4. I always load up a few 'easy pickings' into the top – bits of tasty treat that will fall out as soon as the dog touches the toy with his nose, or some peanut butter smeared around the inside edge.
  5. Finally, put your dog's dinner into a Kong to make dinner time more fun (and tiring!) and in hot weather, freeze your stuffed Kong for a tasty cold treat!


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