Beck with Ross

Collie X

Very pleased with the professional service that was given by Jo. You can definitely tell that she cares and loves working with dogs. Our dog was an extremely nervous rescue who now has been given a second chance by Jo's wonderful, calm and knowledgeable approach to training. She is always there at the end of the phone if you need any help.


Jane with Hattie


We sought Jo's advice when our 11 month granddaughter came to stay with us over the Christmas holiday. Our extremely friendly, gentle 6 year old Schnoodle Hattie, who had had little experience of living with a toddler, was not happy in the company of our granddaughter.

We found Jo's advice informative and reassuring. She suggested various practical approaches we could use, as well as basic safety advice, so that we could build positive associations between our toddler and pet. It was, after all, about training the owner as well as the pet!

Jo used Hattie's natural motivation towards food, and introduced us to strategies using positive association activities. We used these exercises over a number of weeks to achieve happy associations between Hattie and our granddaughter.

We we're so grateful to have Jo's expertise to call on. Her knowledge of animal psychology was outstanding and we were impressed with her obvious skills and patience.

Hattie is now very happy to have our granddaughter around her: she is now quite comfortable when she visits. We also have Jo's strategies and suggestions to fall back on, should Hattie need more reassurance in the future.

We would not hesitate to recommend Jo as a competent, caring, professional with extensive skills interpreting and understanding animal behaviour.

Zoe with Ralph

Wire-haired Hungarian Vizsla

Friendly, approachable and really good with our 3 month old puppy.

Jo helped and supported us with obedience training with our Hungarian Vizsla Ralph. I would highly recommend Jo as she has made a positive impact on our on going training with our pup and we can see the difference!! Not only that, he loves it!! Thank you Jo!!


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